Sound-absorbing material for automobile production line

This production line produces sound absorbing and soundproofing materials for automobiles in sheet form. The final product is molded into the desired shape by the molding machine.
The products produced in this facility have excellent performance in soundproofing, anti-vibration and sound absorption, and are widely used as automotive interior materials for soundproofing.
Melt blown process for sound absorbing and soundproofing materials for automobile
The Meltblown process converts polymeric resin to fine fibered nonwoven fabric.
A special spinning process with high-speed hot air is used in the production of fine-fibred materials of varying structure. Polymer melted in an extruder are fed directly through a gear pump to the nozzle block and extruded as low viscosity polymer melt through fine capillaries.
After discharged from the nozzle tip, as blowing high velocity hot air to the molten polymer, the polymer is stretched by means of compressed, hot air and is changed into fine fiber by ambient air.
For laminate manufacture, an uncoiler is placed by upper and lower the nozzle block, with a calander for bonding the fed materials.
Process diagram
— Sound absorbing and soundproofing materials for automobiles
— Reinforcement materials, Tissue engineering
— Depending on the area of application, their thicknesses are typically in the range of 1-10 microns.
— Needs to be biodegradable, possess a high stiffness and strength