Feeder Ruder extrusion line

The SINKHAN MACHINE has developed the FR Extrusion line whose specification is Ø150mm in diameter of screw and 22:1 in L/D produce masterbatch for the first time in Korea.
This line that produce masterbatch or artificial turf materials filler consists of a series of kneading, feeding, extruding, air wiping, pelletizing.
The Feeder Ruder extrusion line have been developed specifically to achieve outstanding performance and meet the needs of the customer year after year. 

Available : For masterbatch production, artificial turf materials filler

Feeder Ruder extruder

The Feeder Ruder extruder has the ability to produce masterbatch or recycled raw materials of 500kg per hour in volume and Ø3mm in size. The cooling system and electric hydraulic system attached to the body of it guarantees the reliability of the FR extruder.
The recycled raw materials produced by this FR extruder are used as Pelletizer.

Screen changer

This equipment which mounted in front of the Screw is a unit which transforms the raw material into a certain form and removes impurities from the raw material.

Dispersion feeder

This equipment which installed in front of the FR extruder is a unit for supplying the raw material to the cone feeder chamber which includes conical twin screw of the FR extruder.
The powerful kneading ability of the machine which has 100Litter in capacity of working facilitates extrusion of FR extruer.

Cooling bath

This equipment which installed in front of the Screen changer is a unit, which is made of stainless and MC Nylon, which will cools the extruded product.


The Feeder Ruder extrusion line installed in Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Republic of Korea.

The masterbatch being produced from Feeder Ruder extrusion line