Flame Retardant Aluminum composite panel production line

Aluminum composite panel

We, SINKHAN MACHINE, Ltd, are one of leading manufacturer for Flame Retardant Aluminum-Plastic Composite Panel Manufacturing Plant which produce the exterior and interior products(Panel) on the wall of various kinds of building and architecture. The product is made by bonding a sheet of aluminum 0.5mm in thickness to the top and bottom of flame retardant core materials. Because the core layer of the product has flame resisting property, it has excellent flame retardant effect. In addition, this product has beautiful appearance as well as excellent fire resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance.
In line with growth of living standard of the country, because the beauty of the buildings for office as well as factory is required, its demand has been increasing year by year. The other reason for willingness of this panel use is due to simple installation work at site.
It is our pride that we can provide our clients in home and abroad with full and complete production line with accumulated technology in terms of engineering, manufacturing and construction. Also in order to meet the diversified technological requirements, we have devoted ourselves to ceaseless efforts for the best quality of product and service.

Specification of plant

„— Max speed: 3.0 m/min
— Guaranteed speed: 2.5 m/min

— Max 1200 kg/hr (based on LDPE)

— Auto constant quantity feeding system
— Super mixer
— Buss kneader
— Dispersion kneader
— Twin extruder
— Sub extruder
— Screen changer
— Feed Block & feed pipe
— T-die
— Polishing roll unit
— Alumium coil un-winder
— 1st take off roll unit
— Heating oven unit
— 2nd take off roll unit
— PET Film laminating roll unit
— Cooling oven unit
— 3rd Take off roll unit
— Cutting unit
— „Auto stacker
— Heating & Cooling unit
— Control panel
— Operation panel

Structure of Composite Pannel

Composite Pannel description
— The thickness of Composite Panel: 2.0 - 6.0 mm
— The width of Composite Panel: max 2000 mm