Aluminum paste & pigment production line

Process diagram

Aluminum powder or foil is fed into the ball mill in which mineral spirit and stearic acid or oleic are added, pulverized and ground to produce fine aluminum grains of extremely thin flake form. After that, the final product produced in paste form through various processes of APP mill, APP screen, Filtration, Coating, Mixing process.

Available :
— Widely used in Painting steel towers, bridges and other structures because of its excellent rust prevention.
— Used as an undercoating of ship bottom paints, with its excellent rust prevention property.
— Primarily used as a metallic finish for automobiles because of durability and cleanliness of the painted surface.
— Applied in printing ink, coating cloth and paper.
— As an additive to synthetic resin, rubber and others, so that the resultant product exhibits excellent surface gloss and light     interceptivity.

Features :
— Because a number of aluminum flake layers built up inside the paint varnish shut off gas, moisture and light beams, it results in the long lasting protection and excellent weather resistant characteristics to the suface of product painted.
— obtain high-purity aluminum paste from the raw material
— effectively reflect thermal waves and light beam

Layout overview
Aluminum pasteAluminum pasteAluminum pasteAluminum paste