SINKHAN MACHINE – For several decades of Innovation

 We, SINKHAN MACHINE, which was founded in 1991, provides customers with the best service and quality at any time, anywhere, with the quality and competitive price for your products.

 The motto of SINKHAN MACHINE is based on customer orientation and leading edge technology.

 The management system, which has earned such certificates of capacity and quality as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE Mark, has ensured the high quality of the company's products and complete customer's service.

 Our Research & Development department affiliated to the company has endeavored to develop new products to fulfill the needs of customers and to improve the quality of the products.

 Today SINKHAN MACHINE has developed into a leading solution provider for raw material auto feeding and compounding system that has been exported to the US, China, Japan, India, France, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Iran.